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Alera / アレラ
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United Kingdom
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Zayay [GAME] by psyAlera Tortichki by psyAlera

LoveArt by psyAlera
Packing bags, getting ready, aaa, panic, but I'm off on holiday in Berlin tomorrow! :iconifaintplz: 

I'm getting nervous and excited because I pretty much haven't left London area and haven't been anywhere interesting in like 2 and a half years. I used to travel quite a lot before, conquer mountains and stuff, I miss that! O^O So I'd like to start doing that again. And this trip seems like the perfect opportunity! It's organised by my old uni course but because I worked at the coffee shop there and was serving to teachers nearly every day me and my partner managed to latch onto the whole thing and now we're tagging along even though we're graduates. e v e We'll be travelling with a bunch of 'kids', ha-ha, newbies //shot 

The purpose of the trip is to go to some festival thing. I don't actually know much about it, I'm sure it'll be cool but that's not why I'm going. I want to see Germany, I've never been before! O^O My mum has told me so many awesome things from her trips that to me it's now this awesome dream place I'm going to. There's plans to visit many places, including an abandoned theme park??? I've seen enough horror to know where that one is going //D And of course the typical museums and other things, it'll be nice~ And hopefully I'll get to meet up with at least one of my million German friends, lmao, why is everyone so far away :iconlazypoolplz: 

I hope there will be wi fi in the hotel so I can at least go on twitter and report there, in case you're not following me, here: /O/

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