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Zayay [GAME] by psyAlera Tortichki by psyAlera


Feel like drawing something? I might be able to help. ♥ See, I am in need of art for my OC Zeit because of reasons. So, if you're ever bored and feel like drawing a character like him; then go ahead! I'd highly appreciate it.

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EeNii needs more attention~ 
Now, I'm going to sleep, but... here I go: Tomorrow I'll draw a colored sketch of the first commenter's character! And for a random deviant I choose. Yes, guys. 2 free arts~
Queen of Fairies by psyAlera
Queen of Fairies
H-hello? Yes, I'm alive though I've not submitted anything in ages! :iconcraiplz: Guess just haven't had anything to submit. *sigh*

So I thought I should post this! It's from a game project I worked on for a little bit and then kind of abandoned. Again. But I don't regret it this time, I felt like I achieved a lot in the few weeks I was developing it! Especially in code, whoah, the things I did @ A @ But in the end I think that this just wasn't the kind of game for me to make? It was going to be puzzles and stuff and yeah, a lot of interactivity. Interactive 2D backgrounds with parallax effects were one of the things that killed it for me. I should have stuck with something easier. |D This was supposed to be a small project anyway. The idea was "A small game about being small with survival horror elements." Baekju cake up with it for me. ovo Then I thought the main chara should be a fairy but an awesome action fairy, not one that has a flower as a hat and hugs trees for a living. *shot* She's not actually a queen, but she can act like it. And for reasons. =v=''

I might finish the game at some point, who knows. I'm thinking of making it more like a classic visual novel though, still some puzzles but focus more on the story. It's going to be horror and stuff, sooo...:fuzzydemon: I guess it would have been a good Halloween game. Hmmm, I hadn't thought about that before. Pft, now I really want to make it! But there's not much time, I wouldn't be able to make it alone. QAQ Nuuuu

PS: This 'tags' thing is really confusing me @ A @ 
Um, I thought artwork was supposed to show up in the watch feed, but I'm not seeing any??? It's all just journals and status updates now. oAo 
So, hmm...dA is being very interesting at the moment, took me 10 minutes to realize where my messages were moved :iconmingplz: 

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Thanks for the faves, psy ;A; :hug: I hope that you have been well :heart:
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