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Alera / アレラ
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Zayay [GAME] by psyAlera Tortichki by psyAlera
Ok, I'm really mad right now. After work I went to post the 2 letters I finished last week and...gfhdjksfjkls posting is so expensive??? Like, ridiculously??? :iconshakethatplz: It's outrageous! I know it's overseas and stuff, but....=A= They counted my letters as 'large' because I put a single piece of candy in them(Leftovers from Halloween-hah) and ooops, they were tiny bit more more than 20g so they needed to be priced differently. I know I should have checked these things but now I find it pointless to send anything, the point was to send letters of 2+pages and some random stuff,have nice and fat envelopes, but if that is too much then...??? Gah! I feel angry at myself for not checking prices before promising things. OTL (I really apologise about ranting, haven't had the greatest day today and this wasn't a nice finish to it.) I only posted one of the letters, they already put a sticker on it so I thought-might as well do it BUT RUN BEFORE THEY DO THE SECOND ONE AND NEVER COME BACK! So there will be only one lucky person to receive their letter-yay. >_> I feel really bad now.

SO! Here's what' I'm going to do. I'm going to write the letters,as I promised, but I'm NOT POSTING THEM. Because for the price of sending 10 letters, I can buy myself a scanner and use it for tons of stuff! Everyone will get a digital copy of their letters. Once I buy the said scanner. No goodies come with those,sorry. But hey, I sketch on the pages sometimes?? That's why I'm still going to handwrite the replies rather than just type them. Plus it's fun! I know not receiving real letters isn't fun, but...I'll be saving my money for a scanner now. ;v; ...I feel so selfish QAQ But I hope people understand. :icontoracryplz:


Because I'd feel bad for the amount of money you'd need to pay for postage. >_>

Ugh, something just had to ruin my fun. >.>

Anyway. Anyone have cheap scanner recommendations? Is it worth going for one of those portable ones? Probably not, as an artist I guess I never know when I might need to scan something, I might want better quality, but not something that is too much. I don't know if I'll buy it soon or maybe next month because I already bought myself a vacuum cleaner this month. xD'' (Yes, finally, after years of dreaming about getting one, having actual dreams and nightmares about it, I HAVE A HOOVER!) One big purchase a month sounds fair? 

Ok, rant over, I need to calm myself now. U_U'' 

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